Grit on the Go Outdoor
Ninja Warrior 

Ages: 5 - 8 & 8 - 12

Register Online (Registration begins Wed, January 19 at 9 AM) 

$240.00/6 Weeks   Thu     Veres St Softball Field

Course Time Age Dates *
42180-01 4:00 - 4:50  5 - 8 March 31 - May 12
42180-02 5:00 - 5:50 8 - 12 March 31 - May 12
* will not meet April 21

The Grit Ninja has packed up equipment and is ready to turn Veres Street Softball Field into a unique ninja warrior obstacle course! During each action-packed class, aspiring ninjas will climb, swing, jump and run on our ever-changing equipment (which includes a rock wall traverse, monkey bars, grip gauntlet, cliffhanger, balance courses, warped walls, and so much more)!

Classes are led by The Grit Ninja’s professional coaches – many of whom have competed on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Our coaches will guide ninjas as they tackle our fun obstacles that build strength, coordination, agility, balance, problem-solving skills, self-confidence and, most importantly, GRIT!

Please visit for more information (as well as safety precautions that will be taken to ensure social distancing, etc.)