Speed and Agility w/ Coach Ottis

Grades: 8 - 12

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Fee: $90.00 / 6 weeks      Rec Center at S. Pine Creek

 Course Time Days Dates
 6880 7:30 - 8:30 PM Tue Nov 14 - Dec 19


Speed and agility training is designed to work your leg and core muscles- the most essential part of this program. Drills are designed to increase performance and minimize injury.

This program will increase:

* Core Strength * Coordination
* Foot Speed     * Agility
* Leg Strength   * Power
* Balance           * Speed
* Lateral Movement * Explosiveness

Put in the extra work and see the benefits in your game!

Ottis Lewis, coaches both kids and adults in fitness and specific sports training. Questions, Contact sarahfitclub@gmail.com