Fairfield Fencing Academy

Learn the Basics of Fencing

Ages: 10 – 14

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 $99.00 / 7 weeks    Location: Fairfield Fencing Academy

We’re excited to partner with the Fairfield Fencing Academy, to teach kids ages 10 – 14 the basics of Fencing. This is a great prep for Fairfield’s high school Fencing Teams, taught by Head Coach, Jim Roberts and his instructors. The first few sessions will focus on technical skills with their feet and their bladework in terms of form. By the 3rd or 4th session fencers will be hooked up to the strips and actually dueling with each other! The last day of the session will be a test for their footwork 1 badge! 

Fencing is a great stress reliever giving participants a physical and mental challenge which boosts their confidence and social skills. This is the one sport where size doesn’t matter, only skill. Fencers face competitors twice their size and win because they have the skill and talent to do so. Come join this amazing program!  Questions, James Roberts, director@fairfieldfencingacademy.com   No equipment required. 

Course Time Days Dates
 42124-01 6:30 - 8:00 PM Thu Feb 20 - Apr 2