Engineering Programs

Ages: 5 - 7 & 8 - 12

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Fee: $185.00 / 6 classes   Mondays    Recreation Conference Room

Program Course Age Time Dates
Jr Aerospace 6412 5 - 7 3:55 - 5:00 Mar 27 - May 8
Aerospace 6413 8 - 12  5:10 - 6:10 Mar 27 - May 8
Jr Lego Robotics 6719 5 - 8 3:55 - 5:10 May 15 - Jun 19
Robotics 101 6720 9 - 12 5:15 - 6:30 May 15 - Jun 19

* Will not meet Feb 20 & Apr 10

Jr. Aerospace Engineering   Ages: 5 - 7
The Junior Aerospace Engineering classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, helicopters, and more. Get Ready Engineers!

Aerospace   Ages: 8 - 12
During the Aerospace Engineering classes, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine a variety of flying machines. They construct a shock absorbing system designed to protect two marshmallow astronauts in a lunar vehicle, create their own air-powered rockets, and assemble a model blimp that actually takes flight!

Jr. Lego Robotics Ages: 5 – 8

  Jr. Lego Robotics is designed to introduce children not only to the world of engineering, along with programmable robots but also team building skills. Using LEGO® Robotics kits and laptop computers, build amazing mechanisms like Fork Lift, Robotic Animals , Recycling truck and more! Explore key science topics, including: physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences and engineering. 1 computer and 1 Lego kit per 2 students and no take home projects.

Robotics 101 Ages: 9 - 12

The curriculum for Robotics 101 programs is designed to introduce students to not only robot building and programming but also teamwork! Each week, students work in teams of two to build robots to accomplish a specific task while using their imagination. During the class students will discover the Engineering Design Process in a real world setting as they test their robots multiple times to enhance and add precision. Projects include learning and designing with all the components of the provided kit like light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, arm flexors etc. 1 computer and 1 Lego kit per 2 students and no take home projects.


Fairfield Engineering for Kids  provides Academic Enrichment Programs to children ages 5 to 14 with a variety of programming which is extraordinary!  At Engineering for Kids:

• Our mission is to prepare students for the global economy by providing programs focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
• Our inquiry based Programs are designed to be an Exciting, Fun, Hands-on, experience with STEM related projects.
• We offer Curriculum correlating to the following National Standards: Science (NSES), Technology and Engineering (ITEEA), and Mathematics (NCTM).
• We provide the most comprehensive Engineering Program covering the following disciplines:         

Aerospace | Civil | Chemical | Electrical | Environmental | Electronic Game Design | Hardware | Industrial | Lego Robotics | Marine | Mechanical | Software. 

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