Breathwork on the Beach

An Evening of Healing, Connection and Community

Ages: 18+

Free Program at Jennings Beach
Beach Parking Stickers are required or pay $50 at the gate, credit card only

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Course Time Days Dates
 13503-01 6:00 - 8:00 Sun July 10

With all of the pain, suffering, and difficulties our communities have experienced lately, we need tools we can use individually and practice collectively that can heal and nourish our hearts and minds. Active breathwork is one of the most powerful healing tools to regulate your nervous system and clear stuck energy, emotions, and constriction from the body. When practiced in community, the possibilities for healing are truly limitless.

Join local breathwork facilitator Heather Waxman and local pediatric physical therapist + Reiki practitioner Caroline Mazza, and local Reiki master teacher and yoga instructor Maggie Taylor for an incredibly special evening of breathwork, community, and healing on the shores of beautiful Jennings Beach! Please read everything below so that you feel prepared, supported, and ready for the experience!

What is active breathwork?
The active breathwork is a simple, potent, and powerful three-part breathing technique that likely originated in India, although its exact origins are largely unknown. This powerful practice helps you to clear stuck energy and emotions from the body as well as purifying and regulate your nervous system.

I’m new to active breathwork. Is that okay?
Of course! You do not need to have any prior breathwork experience to join. You will be guided every step of the way and surrounded by people of all levels of practice. (And, to be honest, we’re all beginners in some regard ;)

What do I need to bring with me?
You will practice active breathwork lying down so please bring a mat and/or two towels (however much back support you need), a blanket (temperature shifts are common with the breath), and water, tea, or another favorite beverage of your choice. If you need to support your knees, bring a rolled towel or other form of knee support. Optional: Journal + pen and an eye cover (this helps to hold the meditative energy).

Is active breathwork safe for me to practice?
Active breathwork is generally safe for most people. Heather has been facilitating for 5 years and has never personally witnessed someone have an adverse experience with the breath. That being said, there are health concerns worth paying close attention to and this is our medical disclaimer: If you have a pre-existing heart condition, pre-existing lung condition, have epilepsy, are prone to seizures, are pregnant, have asthma, are on psychotropic medication, or have a severe mental health condition, it is not recommended that you practice the active breathwork. If you have any questions, please trust your body and please consult your naturopathic physician, medical doctor, and/or any other healthcare providers. Heather Waxman and Caroline Mazza are not medical providers or a medical doctors.

Do you have more questions?
If you have any questions about breathwork that are not answered for you here, please contact Heather directly at (508) 369-0635. If you have any logistical questions, please contact Caroline directly at (203) 912-9444.