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Neighborhood Associations

Get involved in your neighborhood by joining one of Fairfield's many neighborhood associations.

Association Contact Name  Contact Information 
Beaumont Area Association Mazie Zdanowich 114 Beaumont Street  06824
Brooklawn Park Association Douglas Brown
College Park Association Charles Rhudy 140 College Park Drive 06824
Fair Acres Association Ian Ben Bass
P.O. Box 1  06824
203-255-2232 (H)
 203-356-8869 (O)
Fairfield Beach Peninsula Association Patti Zecchi
1791 Fairfield Beach Road 06824
Fairfield Beach Residents Association Charles Abercrombie
P.O. Box 513  06824
Gould Manor Neighborhood Association Tony Pontecorvo 90 Parkwood Road  06824
Greenfield Hill Village Improvement Society John Jones
P.O. Box 252  06824
203-895-5476 (C)
Greenlawn-Oakwood Property Association Steve Berecz
61 Vermont Ave 06824
Hoydens Hill Neighborhood Association N/A Inactive
Lake Hills Association Michael Finneran
PO Box 1011 06824
Melville Village Improvement Association Geraldine Gasparino 227 Melville Drive 06825
Mill Hill Improvement Association Inc. Charles Merritt
Mill Plain Improvement Society Charles Case
50 Dunnlea Road 06824
203-858-4282 (C)
Mill River-Brookside Neighborhood Association Jeanne C. Konecny 118 Mill River Road 06824
Old Dam Road Homeowners Association Charlton Weston 143 Old Dam Road 06824
Old Post Road Association Don Miller
1275 Post Rd, Suite 201 06824
Old Spring Road Association Jerry Kuroghlian
246 Old Spring Road 06824
Pine Creek Area Association Mike Ginley
285 Old Dam Road 06824
Sasquanaug Association for Southport Improvement, Inc. George Russell
PO Box 471, Southport  06890
203-255-2877 (W)
203-895-2779 (C)
Save Historic Southport Association  Will Staeger
203-353-4520 (W)
203-918-4273 (C)
South Benson Rd-Jennings Beach Area Association
Robert Rowley
Southport Conservancy Jeremy Frost
Stratfield Improvement Association Samuel G. Boyarsky
200 Autumn Ridge Road 06825
Stratfield Village Association Dylan O'Connor and Jamie McCusker
P.O. Box 320232 06825
Tanaka Park Association, Inc.    P.O. Box 293  06824
Winton Park Association, Inc. Jaci Coleman
510 Barlow Road 06824