Boat Racks

 INFORMATION:  Boat Rack Rentals 
                               Marina Department (203) 256-3010 (for Jennings and Ye Yacht Yard)
                               Parks and Recreation (203) 256-3191 (for Penfield)

Boat racks are available for season rentals at Jennings Beach, Penfield Beach and Ye Yacht Yard.

Jennings and Penfield Beaches have boathouses to house sails, rudders or other equipment.  Employees are available at these two locations during stated hours of operation to assist with transporting your boat to and from the water’s edge.

The Parks and Recreation Department manages the racks at Penfield Beach.  The Marina Department oversees the racks at Jennings Beach and Ye Yacht Yard.  Please visit our Boat Rack Rentals web page for more information on rack accommodations, residency requirements, fees and other details.