Filmmakers Ink

Ages: 8 - 10 & 11 - 14     Osborn Hill School


Program  Course  Time  Days  Dates Fee 
Screenwriting 6416 1:00 - 4:00 M - F July 24 - 28 $295.00
Special FX 6417 1:00 - 4:00 M - F July 24 - 28 $250.00
Special FX 6418 1:00 - 4:00 M - F July 31 - Aug 4 $250.00
Intensive 1 6419 1:00 - 4:00 M - F July 24 - Aug 4 $495.00 

Screenwriting   Ages: 11 - 14
Work with a professional screenwriter, learning to develop characters, dialogue and plot to tell visual stories. Learn solid life-long writing tools for accessing and expressing your best ideas.

Special FX   Ages: 8 - 10
You will learn to develop a movie idea and use Special FX to film it, using in-camera effects as well as computer FX. While learning camera basics and teamwork, you will write, shoot, edit and screen your movie for family and friends at your Premiere on the final day of film camp. Students are encouraged to bring their own video camera and tripod, only if they already own them.

Intensive 1   Filmmaking / Acting   Ages: 11 - 14

Experience the moviemaking process from script writing through pre-production and filming. Use professional filmmaking equipment, learn performance techniques designed for Actors and Directors, and work in each of the main crew positions, including Director, 1st AD (Assistant Director), DP (Director of Photography), Gaffer (lighting) and Sound, all while making movies.


Filmmakers Ink offers a University film school experience in a summer camp setting.  The Filmmakers Ink programs offer courses that train young filmmakers at three different levels and are designed to grow with their expanding knowledge of filmmaking.  Guided by our staff of film professionals, our young filmmakers learn by doing as they develop the key creative and technical skills required for exceptional filmmaking.   Max 12 per course.

“Our son has been interested in making movies since the age of 2, and said it best, "This was better than my wildest dreams!"  Thank you for this opportunity!  He's already got his friends working on a new movie." - Jennifer, parent.  

Check, for more details, or call Patrick McCullough at (413) 320-6071