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Yoga for Kids

Ages: 6 - 9 & 10 - 13

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Fee: $120.00 / 8 classes  Wednesdays    Rec Center at S. Pine Creek

Course   Age Time Dates
6872  6 - 9 4:00 - 5:00 Nov 8 - Jan 10
6873 10 - 14 5:05 - 6:05  Nov 8 - Jan 10

Introduce your children to the practice of yoga in an age appropriate and supportive environment. Yoga practice enhances concentration, builds strength, and develops flexibility while building a positive self image.

This is a very popular class as instructor, Maggie Taylor helps children learn to feel peaceful in their minds, happy in their hearts, and strong in their bodies. A typical class experience includes: centering, breath work, mantras, song, and sharing, stretching, asanas (poses), storytelling & savasana (relaxation). Please bring a yoga mat, large towel and face cloth.