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Recording Information

All documents to be recorded in the Town Clerk's Office are filed at the local level. There is no County recording in the State of Connecticut.  You must send original documents to the Town or City in which the property is located.

Releases & Assignments

The volume and page to which a release or assignment refers must be included on the instrument, as well as a date of the original document and the name(s) of the mortgagors.  A property address is preferred, but not required.

UCC Filing Statements

UCC filings must include a local property address.

Land Record Searches

The Town Clerk’s Office does not search land records for recording information. Land Record Indexes back to 1977 are available online at US Land Records. Otherwise, one must come to the Town Clerk’s Office to perform searches or hire a title searcher. 

Fee Schedules

  • Recording Fees:  $53 for the first page and $5 for each additional page. 
  • Blanket Assignments: Same as above: add $1 per assignment after the first two
  • Transfer Documents: If a consideration is being paid for transfer of a property, the recording fee is $55 for the first page and $5 for each additional page. 
  • Copy Fees: $1 per page. 
  • Certified Copies: Same as above;  add $2 per certification.
  • Local Conveyance Tax: One-fourth of one per cent of the consideration paid.