Day Parking

Day Parking is available at all three Fairfield train stations.  Day parking fees are assessed Monday through Friday.  Parking is free after 5:00 pm and on weekends and holidays.

Click here for information on Permit Parking.

Day Parking Locations 

Fairfield Center Station:  Day parking is available at the Fairfield Center Station on the Northbound and Southbound sides of the tracks in designated areas marked with green signs with yellow writing and yellow line striping.  Day parking is available in the Mill Plain Lot on Mill Plain Road across from St. Thomas Cemetery.  There is no designated day parking in the Mill Plain Lot; day parkers and permit holders may park anywhere in the Mill Plain Lot.

After 9:00am, day parking is permitted in any open parking space. Cost is $6.00 per day. A day fee ticket will be placed on the car's windshield.  There is a three (3) night maximum for overnight parking in a day parking space.  Consult the Fairfield Center Station Parking Map to view the location of Day Parking spaces at the Fairfield Center Station.

Southport Station: Day parking is available at Southport Station on the Northbound and Southbound sides of the track and at Trinity Church Parking Lot on Center Street in designated areas marked with green signs with yellow writing and yellow line striping. After 9:00am, day parking is permitted in any open parking space.  Cost is $6.00 per day. A day fee ticket will be placed on the car's windshield.

Fairfield Metro Station: For information on day parking at the Fairfield Metro Station, please call Fusco Management Company at 203-603-5207.

Paying Day Fee Tickets (R Ticket)

You will receive a day fee ticket on your windshield. Payment instructions are on the back. You can pay by mail, phone or online (credit card, Pay Pal or some Flexible Transit Spending accounts). You will need your ticket number and your license plate number to pay. 

By Mail:  Mail payment along with ticket (address printed on the back of ticket) to:
               Parking Authority of Fairfield
               P.O. Box 6014
               Brattleboro, VT 05302-9913


               Parking Authority of Fairfield
              Sullivan Independence Hall
              725 Old Post Road
              Fairfield, CT 06824

By Phone:  You may pay by phone using a credit card. Dial 1-866-658-6082. It will ask you if you want to pay a Railroad parking ticket (press 1) or Police Dept. ticket (press 2).

Online: Click here to pay for day parking online.   You will need at least one ticket number and your license plate number to pay.  If you pay within ten days (including the date of issuance), there are no fees. However, if you pay on the tenth day or later the credit card processing company will add a $3.50 convenience fee for handling online payments.

Paying Police Violation Tickets (P Ticket)

If your ticket begins with 'P' you have received a Police Violation Ticket.  The cost varies depending on the violation. The same payment rules apply for paying tickets online. Mail In payments for Police Violation Tickets must be sent to the address on the back of the ticket:
                   Fairfield Police Department Processing Center
                   P.O. Box 2040
                  Tarrytown, NY 10591-9040.

Appealing a Ticket

If the ticket starts with the letter R - within ten days you need to submit an appeal form.  Complete the form and email it to the Parking Authority of Fairfield.

If the ticket starts with the letter P - it is a Police ticket. Please visit the Fairfield Police Department site for their appeal form

If you have any questions on Day Parking, please email the Parking Authority at